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While sailing aboard the Channel Cat it is not uncommon to see whales, dolphins, sea lions and giant pelicans diving for their food! Our unique vessel allows for the smoothest rides through the beautiful Mediterranean-style coast of Santa Barbara. Relax in style while taking in breath-taking views of the Santa Ynez mountains and Channel Islands, including Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel.

One of the first things our guests notice when they step inside our ship, is the spaciousness of our 3,000 sq ft dining area. Additionally, our catamaran sports uniquely high, 10.5ft ceilings! The beautiful skylight above, along with our tremendously panoramic windows allows for uninterrupted views even while dining comfortably indoors or relaxing at the thoroughly appointed, birds-eye maple bar. We offer a wide variety of beverages, serve some of the best local wines and host wine tastings and corporate charters.

The back or aft deck offers additional space for those who wish to dine outside or simply sit and take in the views of our incredible coastline. Our arched open area is a great spot to enjoy fresh air away from direct sun with plenty of comfortable seating. Every aspect of the architecture of our ship is unique, from the modern floating stairs up to the Pilot House to the large, grand sliding door entry to the dining area. The artistically rendered marine life you see etched into our glass panels was hand-crafted.

Our friendly Captain and crew are happy to welcome guests up to the Pilot House. The helm of the ship boasts state-of-the-art equipment and a view into technical side of operating our 107 ton vessel. Two wingwalks (side doors) allow our passengers access to a closer look at our enormous mast, double orca sail and of course a top notch view of the gorgeous coastline.

For the brave at heart, venture out further and higher, onto our upper deck and enjoy our most elevated vantage point. Take a peak down through the masterfully crafted wood and glass skylight into the salon below or enjoy sunshine and a truly panoramic, bird's-eye view from atop our ship. Our catamaran design allows for such a smooth ride as it slices through any kind of seas that your safety is assured but be warned, it is truly high up - not recommended for those scared of heights!

Extreme Yachts Show: Video Tour

Extreme Yachts travels the country to see how top designers and nautical engineers create some of the most amazing vessels ever to hit the high seas. - website

Watch and enjoy this clip where the Channel Cat was featured on the show, including extensive views of the vessel and interviews with the crew.

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